2016 Bahrain Grand Prix

Two races, two wins for Nico Rosberg. And also another pretty good race in terms of the show and strategy differentiation.

The drama of Vettel’s engine exploding kick started the whole thing. Hamilton’s, frankly, rubbish start lead to him colliding with Bottas, leaving both with damage. Even Dan Ricciardo lost some front wing! It was unfortunate that Vettel was out before the race (quite literally) had started. I didnt

enjoy his endless winning at Red Bull, simply because  the majority of his wins were a simple equation of: pole+good start = lead and eventual victory. The engine failure wont have just hurt him in Bahrain, but later down the line it will likely cost him a grid penalty or two. Which could therefore leave it Hamilton and Rosberg to duke it out again. Kimi Raikkonen had a strong race to second after a slow start, I think Vettel would have been a bit closer to Rosberg though.

Rosberg drove the perfect race out front. I’m a Lewis Hamilton guy and I tend to support him like I support my football team, so when he doesn’t win or encounters problems, I’m more than a little bit unhappy. That said, as an avid fan of Formula 1, I can appreciate excellence (even if I dont enjoy it).

I was impressed by Ricciardo’s performance and final result considering the damage he picked up at the first corner. Equally impressive is Romain Grosjean in the Haas. The team had a minor snag on his final stop but so far, so good for the new team. This should be the blueprint to get new teams into the sport. However, there should be a time frame that the team can import from the bigger teams, thus encouraging self-sufficiency and ingenuity.

Special mentions for:

Stoffel Vandoorne for 10th and a point on his debut for McLaren.

Pascal Wehrlein took 13th for Manor, displaying his ability and the car’s general improvement.

Looking at my predictions, Hamilton’s record breaking pole position saw me call it wrong. Although, as I stated,  never discount Lewis from pulling out that sort of lap. And what a lap it was!

I predicted Hamilton to beat Rosberg in the race. Wrong again – SORT THESE STARTS OUT LEWIS! This meant again my podium prediction was wrong with Kimi Raikkonen second.

My other predictions:

Toro Rosso double points finish – Sainz retired while Verstappen claimed 6th place.

Hulkenberg to beat Perez – Yes he did. But they finished 15th and 16th. So not really much to shout about!


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