2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Predictions

I was pretty pleased with the outcome of my Australian GP predictions, so here’s my bash at predicting the Bahrain Grand Prix!


Pole Position: Nico Rosberg – Mercedes

Having won the first race, I think Rosberg will be really up for this. He needs to be beating Hamilton on saturdays early in the season to give him a chance to control races, therefore giving him a bigger chance of victory. Never discount Hamilton though, he doesnt have 50 poles for no good reason.

Race Winner: Lewis Hamilton – Mercedes

Lewis is in a similar position to Nico in some ways. He hasn’t beaten his team mate in any of the last 4 races, going back into 2015. I think it will an all Merc front row and I fancy Lewis to edge Nico over the race on strategy. I think he’s more capable of making an alternate strategy work for him.

Podium: Hamilton – Rosberg – Vettel

Other/Surprise Predictions:

Toro Rosso double points finish

Hulkenberg to finish ahead of Perez


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