2016 Australian GP

WHAT A START! And I’m not just talking about Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari. After the shambles that was qualifying where there no cars on track for the last 4 minutes of the session, the race itself was pretty much the polar-opposite.

Last year, I was at the Australian Grand Prix. It wasn’t brilliant, but I didn’t really mind because Lewis Hamilton won the race. This year, Lewis didn’t take the win but the racing made good viewing for tired eyes on Sunday morning in England.

Hopefully this is just a snippet of what we are going to see for the majority of the next 20 races, all the way through to November.

However, the race was helped massively by the Mercedes making terrible starts and Hamilton getting bumped down to 6th. Considering the pace they probably still had in hand, had they got away well, we probably wouldn’t have seen them very much.

I think I speak for every fan and viewer of F1 in saying that Alonso was lucky to avoid injury in his huge accident. These crashes don’t happen very often in Grand Prix racing, good thing too. It says something for the massive amount of skill the drivers have. Some people have trouble at 30mph, let alone 200mph!

Looking back at my pre-race predictions, I’m content with the outcome. I was delighted to be spot on with my pole position prediction with Hamilton. The top 3, got the right three drivers but in the wrong order – and like I said, it would take something silly to stop Hamilton,  ie: a bad start & red flag.

I was most pleased with surprise result forecast though! Grosjean is a top driver, arguably a world championship contender in the right car. Not quite at the level of Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso, but possibly not far behind the likes of Button, Rosberg, Kimi and Dan Ricciardo. And for him to get the Haas car into the top 10 proves he has learned from his early career mistakes, while credit should also go to the Haas engineers and mechanics for making the car reliable.


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